Winter “Free Time”

My definition of “free time” is time where there are no demands on me. I have finished my “have-to” and “must-do” lists and put-away-for-tomorrow stuff. I then can pick up some knitting needles, watch a movie (if there is that much free time), paint on some ceramics or play my favorites on the piano. Of course there is always the go-to-bed-early option.


As a child free time was “kid time.” It was time to choose an activity that stretched my imagination and creativity. I loved to make a snow man after school in our front yard. It was on the north side of the house so it would “live” longer than most snowmen. My brother, our friends and I would make a snow fort and play outside until our fingers were numb and noses were bright red. On occasion, Dad would consent to walk us to a nearby shallow lake that always froze in the winter. We would lace up old ice skates that my mother and aunt used and skate across the lake. The anticipation was more fun than the actual skating because the skates didn’t fit well, it was beastly cold and we really couldn’t skate well at all.

The great thing about winter free time was that it ended in a warm tub. I remember how the warm water would sting our feet because they were so cold. But it wasn’t long before the water became our next imaginative adventure. Once our skin was sufficiently “pruny,” warm p.j.’s awaited us and dinner was served.

Cold activities don’t appeal much to me now but the memories are certainly warm!

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