Mama Rex & T: The (Almost) Perfect Mother’s Day

Mama Rex & T: The (Almost) Perfect Mother's Day

Most people try to make Mother’s Day special for their moms.  Sometimes, however, their efforts are a disaster.   And so it is with little T-Rex.  Rachel Vail concocts one disaster after another and Steve Bjorkman illustrates the entire mess, page Read more…


Santasaurus by Niamh Sharkey

This is a nice blend of dinosaur and Christmas.  It has a hint of Polar Express.  Darling pictures from Santasauras to Dinodeer.   The littlest dinosaur receives a very special gift that he will always remember.  It’s a great bedtime story.

Dinosaurs A to Z

Pre-schoolers as well as early elementary aged children will enjoy this book.  All the friends from the “Dinosaur Train,” a children’s education television show, narrate the book. 

Amazing Giant Dinosaurs

Amazing Giant Dinosaurs, written by Marie Greenwood, is an amazing book!  It’s a large book,  about an inch thick and 10 1/2 by 11 inches.  But what is spectacular about it is that,


There is a great series of books called Graphic Dinosaurs.   They are full of facts, pictures and a great comic book style story about dinosaurs.   Elasmosaurus The Long-Necked Swimmer begins by describing this dinosaur with facts and pictures.  Then, there Read more…

Amazing Dinosaurs

Children of all ages (including adults) are fascinated with dinosaurs.  As my little granddaughter is studying them, I have found that what I read to my children and learned with them isn’t current or correct today.  For instance, a brontosaurus Read more…