Sleep: A Time to Repair!

Did you know that we repair and rejuvenate when we sleep?  During our waking hours, we are “doing.”  We are thinking constantly be it at school or work.  We are moving, eating/digesting and the list goes on.  Our bodies don’t have time to grow, repair, basic maintenance when we are awake.  If we don’t shut down for 7 to 8 hours (children need 9 – 10), our bodies never get a chance to “regroup” or do its own “back-up.”  We then put ourselves at risk for “body shut-down.”  A child will fall asleep mid lunch.  Teens fall asleep in class and adults catch a few winks at lunch or snooze through an afternoon meeting.  However, those “mini” naps don’t make up for a good night’s sleep.  As we tire, we become less productive, creative, teachable, we loose focus, patience and energy.  Plus, we are wearing our bodies down by forcing them on over-load.  We become more susceptible to germs and illnesses – our bodies break down.

Doctors and educators cross the country are seeing this trend, therefore many junior and senior High schools are starting later to help with this national epidemic of lack of sleep.

Of course the best remedy is to create a regular schedule for yourself as well as your children.   Allow at least 9 hours of sleep for children and teens.  Have them help figure out what time they need to be up in the morning and then count backwards 9 hours to see when they should be heading to bed.  Let them know that their bodies need time to rest and repair so it can be ready for the next day’s activities.  Then set a good example!

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