Vivaldi’s Spring Musical Lesson, Activities & Worksheets


As the sun warms the earth and coaxes flowers to bloom and dusty grounds turn green, Spring is in its glory! Students will love listening to the sounds of spring through guided listening of Vivaldi’s Spring!

Antonio Vivaldi also blossomed in the Baroque period with his famous Spring Concerto from The Four Seasons. Students will enjoy creating their own story or poem as their imagination blossoms with ideas while they listen to the music. Reading Vivaldi’s own sonnet will spark ideas for what a spring afternoon or morning would look like as students create their own “Spring” art.


Lesson includes:

  • Lesson plan about Spring by Antonio Vivaldi
  • Digital links to YouTube videos
  • History of Antonio Vivaldi (including pictures)
  • Baroque Musical Instruments
  • Vocabulary
  • Beyond the Score: Information about St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  • Information about sonnets
  • Spring sonnet and multiple translations
  • Printable full page images – great for bulletin boards!


Printable Worksheets:

  • Vivaldi: What Do You Remember? worksheet
  • Vivaldi’s Sonnets worksheet
  • Spring Sonnet worksheet
  • Matching worksheet
  • Spring Poem worksheet
  • Vivaldi Coloring worksheet
  • Watercolor Violin craft and template
  • Listen to Spring guided musical worksheet
  • Musical Instrument Research worksheet
  • Vivaldi’s Spring Art worksheet
  • Spring Dance Award


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