Tracks Across the Nation – A Golden Spike Musical Play, Activities & Worksheets


The building of the Transcontinental Railroad was a huge undertaking from it’s first conception to the driving of the golden spike on May 10, 1869. The obstacles were many and danger was ever present. Men worked through extreme heat and cold while the challenges seemed to always lie just ahead.

Welcome to an approximately 40 minute musical play, that includes 8 original songs. It will make history come alive as the story of the meeting of the rails unfolds through action, song and dancing. This packet includes many activities that will enhance learning though math, science, geography, art, writing, printable worksheets and research. The goal is to help students want to learn more and to let their imaginations soar. Tracks Across the Nation concludes with the golden spike ceremony at Promontory Point.

Depending on the activity or activities you choose they could take an additional 15 minutes to several days to complete. This is the perfect addition to a unit on the United States History, Railroads, the Golden Spike or Utah History.

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Packet includes:

Tracks Across the Nation – A Golden Spike Musical Play

  • 8 Original Songs
    • 7 songs with lyrics
    • 1 hoe down for dancing
  • Cast of Characters, including number of speaking parts per character
  • Ideas for Staging, Props, Scenery and Costumes
  • Music MP3s of each song – a melody track and an accompaniment track
  • Original Rap / Poem to be performed at the beginning of the play or to be shared in class.
  • Backdrop


  • Art activities
  • Geography activities
  • Math activities
  • Literature & Writing activities
  • Social Studies & History activities
  • Science & Physics activities

Research & Information on:

  • The Transcontinental Railroad
  • The Ballad of Casey Jones
  • The Golden Spike
  • Locomotives
  • Time Zones & Vocabulary


  • Map of the Transcontinental Railroad Worksheet
  • Transcontinental Railroad Math Worksheet
  • The Ballad of Casey Jones
  • The Golden Spike Template / Worksheet
  • Transcontinental Railroad & Time Zones Facts and Worksheet

Resources & Links:

  • Books for personal and/or class reading
  • Websites for more information and further research

Answer Key & Sources Included

Musical Play takes about 40 minutes to perform

Activities take 15+ minutes to complete

Grades: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th

Formats Included

  • Zip
  • PDF
  • MP3


  • 95 pages

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