The Planets Musical Lesson Plan


Stephanie Skolmoski has created a musical lesson plan about outer space and the planets in the solar system.

This is the perfect lesson and activity for elementary school children and teachers. The song is catchy and are incorporated into the mini book. There are of visual aids of the planets named in the song and a printable coloring page. There are activities specific to younger grades and older grades. This lesson could take about 30+ minutes to get through.

This is the perfect addition to a unit on planets, the solar system or outer space science.

The Planets Musical Lesson Plan is incorporated in The Outer Space Musical Lesson Plan. Which includes expanded planet facts, another song, a second mini book, several worksheets and more visual aids about Astrological / Zodiac Signs and Constellations.


Lesson Packet includes:

  • Planet fact sheet and web links
  • One song about planets (Swingin’ Planets)
  • Astronomy Activities: Art Activities, Creative Writing Activities, Science Activities
  • Printable Solar System Coloring Page
  • Pictures of the Solar System and Planets
  • Printable Mini Book: Planets Mini Book
  • Pages: 23
  • Grades: K-6

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