Joplin’s Ragtime Musical Lesson, Activities & Worksheets


Ragtime music is steeped in history. This musical lesson plan will teach your students about the origin of Ragtime Music and one of the most famous Ragtime composers, Scott Joplin.

Lesson includes digital links to YouTube videos and free audio files. There are also several writing activities, musical activities, theater (theatre) activities, dance activities and/or art activities to go along. Additionally, there is information about the composer Scott Joplin.

This is the perfect lesson and activity to use for Black History Month with elementary school children and teachers. The song is about 5 minutes long and the lesson could take about 30 minutes. Depending on the activity or activities you choose they could take 15+ minutes to complete.



Packet Includes:

  • Lesson about the origin of Ragtime Music and composer Scott Joplin
  • Digital links to YouTube videos & Audio Files
  • History of Scott Joplin (including pictures)
  • Banjo, Guitar & Other Stringed Instruments Fact sheets
  • Vocabulary
  • Several language arts / writing, visual art, music and dance activities
  • Book list
  • Answer Key


Printable Worksheets:

  • Listen to Maple Leaf Rag worksheet
  • Listen to The Entertainer worksheet
  • Listen to The Easy Winners worksheet
  • A Maple Leaf Story writing worksheet
  • Ragtime Music Art
  • Ragtime & Scott Joplin worksheet
  • Sheet Music Cover worksheet
  • Banjo vs Guitar worksheet
  • Ragtime Poem worksheet
  • Abstract Music Art


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