Prokofiev Bundle – Lessons, Activities, Worksheets & Poster Set

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This fun and informative bundle will help to teach your students about the famous composer Prokofiev and some of his most famous compositions. Share the love of Prokofiev‘s music with your students with these musical lesson plans and activities!

Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev has been shared with children all over the world for several generations. This lesson plan has some new ideas and activities that would give a fresh take on your Peter and the Wolf unit.


Packet includes:

  • Lesson plan about Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev
  • Digital links to YouTube videos
  • An In Depth look at the life of Sergei Prokofiev, the composer of Peter and the Wolf (including pictures)
  • Guide to the musical instruments in the orchestra used in Peter and the Wolf (including pictures)
  • List of children’s books about Peter and the Wolf
  • A one page guide to the story of Peter and the Wolf
  • Printable color and black and white (for coloring) character and instrument cards that can be used for several different activities
  • Printable math worksheet
  • Printable worksheet about Sergei Prokofiev
  • Printable Peter and the Wolf word search
  • Printable worksheet for identifying the instruments and how many times they are heard during Peter and the Wolf
  • Printable Snowflake activity
  • Several writing / language arts activities
  • Several art activities
  • Several drama / theater (theatre) activities
  • Several dance activities
  • Several history activities
  • Several math activities
  • Answer key


Included in the Prokofiev Bulletin Board Poster PDF:

  • Blue themed full color set
  • Rainbow themed full color set
  • Black and white set
  • Printable mini book or flashcard set


The Prokofiev Bulletin Board Poster Set includes the following:

  • Name, birth & death dates poster
  • Composer portrait poster
  • Composer stats poster
  • Facts poster
  • Family poster
  • Types of compositions poster
  • Famous music poster