Penguins Music & Activities


Penguins go waddle, waddle… Sing a song to original music and have fun doing the five penguin activities – a craft, vocabulary, math, fact sheet and mini book.



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Themed Songs to Teach & Sing + Worksheets Bundle


$46.05 Save $10.05
This bundle is a collection of 25 original songs to teach your students + 6 BONUS SONGS! Each packet has sheet music, melody & accompaniment MP3 tracks, visual aids to help teach the song and several activities that all incorporate the theme of the packet.
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Animals & Bugs Music Lessons, Activities & Worksheets Bundle


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Want to add some music to your animals and bugs unit? Then the Animals & Bugs Music Lessons, Activities & Worksheets Bundle is the perfect solution.
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Christmas, Hanukkah & Winter Music Lessons, Activities & Worksheets Bundle

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The Holiday & Winter seasons are a great time to share some of our favorite holiday songs with your students. Learn the history of some holiday favorite songs and a little background on the composers.
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Packet Includes:

  • original music score and song
  • mp3 music files
  • penguin craft
  • penguin vocabulary / spelling
  • penguin math
  • penguin fact sheet
  • 2 fold mini penguin book to illustrate
Formats Included
  • PDF
  • MP3
  • ZIP
  • 10 pages


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