Niagara Falls Suite by Ferde Grofé, A Musical Lesson, Activities & Worksheets


What a thrill it is to hear the pounding water as you listening to Niagara Falls Suite by Ferde Grofe! Not only do you become acquainted with this beautiful, powerful music, but some history of the Devil’s Hole Massacre, why Niagara Falls is the “Honeymoon capital of the world” as well as a literal “power” house! Guided listening and integrated learning all add to the educational experience.


Lesson includes:

    • Lesson plan about the Niagara Falls Suite by Ferde Grofé
    • Digital links to YouTube videos
    • About the composer Ferde Grofé (including pictures)
    • Facts about Niagara Falls
    • Vocabulary
    • Several music, geography, art, history and language arts activities
    • Printable worksheets:
      • Niagara Suite Art
      • The Battle at Devil’s Hole Worksheet
      • Label Niagara Falls Map Worksheet (Older Grades)
      • Color Niagara Falls Map Worksheet (Younger Grades)
      • Visit Niagara Falls Brochure Worksheet
      • All About Niagara Falls Worksheet
      • Listen to the Niagara Falls Suite Music Listening Worksheet
This is the perfect lesson and activity for older elementary school children and teachers. The the entire suite is about 25 minutes long (the movements are 3-15 minutes each) and the lesson could take about 30 minutes. Depending on the activity or activities you choose they could take 15+ minutes to complete.


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