Music Theory 1: Musical Symbols Worksheets


A basic keyboard knowledge is helpful for any student learning music, whether it is vocal, or instrumental. Studying a treble or bass instrument (violin, tuba, etc.), requires a knowledge of one clef – treble or bass clef. Learning how to read both clefs broadens a students understanding of music. An in depth study of music theory enhances a student’s knowledge base and makes them a better musician. Not only do they understand how music is written but their practice and performing is enriched.

This packet can be used to teach 8 and older students. Every student learns at their own pace – what works for one may not for another. Each packet builds upon the previous one with constant review pages at the end of each packet.

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Music Theory 1: Musical Symbols includes:

  • Musical Symbols
  • Notes – Quarter note, Half note, Whole note and Eighth note
  • Lines & Spaces
  • The Grand Staff – Treble clef, Bass Clef and bar lines
  • Repeat Sign
  • Dotted notes & rhythm
  • Flash cards of Quarter notes, Half notes, Whole notes and Eighth notes
  • Writing assignments for each section and symbol
  • Musical symbols review sheet
  • Answer Key included
Formats Included
  • PDF
  • 26 pages


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