Louis Armstrong, A Musical Lesson, Activities & Worksheets


Louis Armstrong is a legend in the Jazz music industry. His voice is recognizable by people around the world and his trumpet is legendary! Louis started out in very humble circumstances in New Orleans and worked hard to become the U.S. State Department’s Ambassador “Satch” Armstrong.

This lesson will delve into the history of Louis Armstrong – his life and accomplishments. Students will learn about the people who inspired Louis Armstrong, his history with Hollywood, instruments of a Jazz Band, Scat Singing, Louis Armstrong on a riverboat and more!!! This lesson is the perfect way to integrate music, history and even geography during Black History Month!

There are many video and audio links, printable worksheets, over 10 activities and pictures of Louis Armstrong, memorials and instruments in a Jazz Band. This is the perfect lesson and activity for elementary school children, junior high students, high school students and teachers as well as home schooling. There are activities for all ages. Each video clip is between 2 minutes to 1 hour long. The lesson could take an 1 hour or longer. Depending on the activity or activities you choose they could take up to several days to complete.

Download a sample of Louis Armstrong, A Musical Lesson Plan


Packet includes:

  • Louis Armstrong’s Life History with pictures
  • History of Scat Singing with YouTube video links
  • Picture guide to the Instruments in a Jazz Band
  • The difference between the Trumpet and Cornet
  • The history of horns
  • Vocabulary list
  • List of book and web resources
  • Audio and video links of some of Louis Armstrong’s most famous performances
  • Images & posters that would be great for a bulletin board
  • Visual art, dance, geography, music, and language arts / writing activities
  • Answer key


Printable Worksheets:

  • Wonderful World Poem worksheet
  • Listen to What a Wonderful World worksheet
  • Wonderful World Art worksheet
  • In a Wonderful World…. writing worksheet
  • Learn to Scat Sing worksheet
  • Riverboat Math worksheet
  • Mississippi River Map worksheet
  • River Cruise Travel Brochure
  • Mississippi River worksheet
  • String Art Trumpet
  • Design a Horn worksheet
  • Make a Horn Instructions
  • Make Your Own Kazoo Instructions
  • Cornet & Trumpet Coloring worksheet
  • Mississippi River Cities Map worksheet
  • Wonderful World Coloring worksheet

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