Liszt’s Totentanz (Dance of Death) Musical Lesson, Activities & Worksheets


There is nothing like listening to a scary piece of music to welcome in the Halloween season. Franz Liszt’s Totentanz (Dance of Death) can inspire fun, creepy and ghoulish ideas as the music plays. Watch 10 fingers dance across the piano keys in wicked fast movements.

Lesson includes digital links to YouTube videos and free audio files. There are also several writing / language arts activities, music activities, dance activities and visual art activities to go along. This is the perfect lesson and activity for elementary school children and teachers.


Packet Includes:

  • Lesson about Totentanz by Franz Liszt
  • History about Franz Liszt
  • History of the metronome
  • Vocabulary
  • Digital Audio & Video links
  • Several writing / language arts, music, dance and visual art activities

Printable worksheets

  • Listen to Totentanz Worksheet
  • Metronome Coloring Page
  • Totentanz Art Worksheet
  • Franz Liszt’s Totentanz Mini Book
  • Totentanz Forest Map Worksheet
  • Dance of Death Writing Worksheet
  • Totentanz Stories Worksheet
  • A Totentanz Story Worksheet
  • A Totentanz Poem Worksheet

This is the perfect lesson and activity for the Halloween season. The the entire piece is about 15 minutes long (there are several sections where the recording can be stopped to discuss or listen to it in sections) and the lesson could take about 30 minutes. Depending on the activity or activities you choose, they could take 15+ minutes to complete.


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