Ladybugs & Music Slideshow


The Ladybug has been a fascinating friend to almost every child. They don’t bite or sting, they are just friendly little bugs with 6 little legs that tickle as they crawl on your hand. This slideshow will delve into the science of Ladybugs – including their life cycle and body parts. Classical music composers Schumann & Brahms wrote music based on a Ladybug poem. There are video links and information about these songs.

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This bundle is comprised of several slideshows with pictures, facts and history of the music and composers. These PDF slideshows are great to use as an introduction to your unit.
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Slideshow includes:
  • Information & facts about Ladybugs
  • 14 page PDF slideshow about Ladybugs & Music
  • Life Cycle of a Ladybug
  • Ladybug Nursery Rhymes & Music
  • Poem about Ladybugs
  • & More!!!
Formats Included
  • PDF
  • 14 pages