Katharine Bates’ America Musical Play, Lesson, Worksheets & Slide Show

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The original musical play “Katharine Bates’ America,” will leave an impression on students and help them gain an appreciation of our own America. The musical presented in this packet contains facts about Katharine Lee Bates and the history of “America, the Beautiful.”

This 30 minute performance includes 4 original songs and “America, the Beautiful.” Enhance the learning and understanding of song, “America, the Beautiful,” with the lesson, activities, worksheets and research provided in this packet.

“America, the Beautiful” is known and loved by many. Katharine Lee Bates was inspired to write the poem as she traveled from Boston through the Hoosac Tunnel to the Niagara Falls, the Chicago’s World Fair across the plains of Kansas and then stood on top of Pike’s Peak. Samuel Ward’s music was a perfect fit to this poem. Learn more about the poem and the impact Katharine and her poetry has had on America.

***Click here to download a sample of Katharine Bates’ America and America the Beautiful Lesson Plan.


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Musical plays are an excellent way to showcase your students and what they are learning. The Musical Play, History, Activities & Worksheets Bundle gives you 3 historical musical plays, a slideshow, activities & LOTS of worksheets.
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Lesson includes:

  • Katharine Bates’ America Musical Play includes:
    • 4 Original Songs and “America, the Beautiful”
    • Cast of Characters, including number of speaking parts per character
    • Ideas for Staging, Props, Scenery and Costumes
    • Music MP3s of each song – a melody track and an accompaniment track

Lesson Plan PDF includes:

  • Katharine Lee Bates’ life history with pictures
  • Writing “America, the Beautiful”
  • 19 page PDF slide show about Katharine Bates, Samuel Ward and “America, the Beautiful”
  • Samuel Augustus Ward short biography with pictures
  • “America, the Beautiful” poem and revised versions
  • History of the World’s Fair 1851 & 1855, World’s Columbian Exposition
  • The Hoosac Tunnel History
  • “The Song of Niagara” poem by Katharine Lee Bates and revised version
  • “Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride” poem by Katharine Lee Bates
  • Vocabulary
  • Video & Audio Links
  • Activities
    • Geography Activities
    • Art Activities
    • Theater (drama) Activities
    • Math Activities
    • Dance Activities
    • Literature/Writing Activities
  • Printable Worksheets
    • America the Beautiful Worksheet about the history of the song
    • America Poem Worksheet
    • Katharine Bates’ Journey Across America Geography Worksheet
    • Katharine Bates’ Journey Across America Math Worksheet
    • Katharine Bates’ Postcards Printables
    • America the Beautiful Mini Book
  • 40 full page images enhance the lesson
  • Book Suggestions
  • Further Research Suggestions
  • Answer key


Musical Play takes about 30 minutes to perform

Activities take 15+ minutes to complete

Grades: 4th and up (with activities for younger grades)

Formats Included

  • Zip
  • PDF
  • MP3
  • 107 pages

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