Jingle Bells Musical Lesson Plan


Stephanie Skolmoski has created a musical lesson plan about the well known song Jingle Bells. The lesson talks about the origin and evolution of Jingle Bells, different variations of the song and even how it relates to space travel. Lesson includes digital links to YouTube videos and free audio files. There are also several writing activities, musical activities, math activities, research and design activities, dance activities and art activities to go along.


This is the perfect lesson and activity for elementary school children and teachers. The the entire piece is about 2-3 minutes long and the lesson could take about 30 minutes. Depending on the activity or activities you choose they could take 15+ minutes to complete. You can see an example of one of Stephanie’s lesson plans on Stephanie Skolmoski’s blog.



Packet Includes:

  • Lesson plan about Jingle Bells by James Pierpont
  • Digital links to YouTube videos
  • Several math, art, dance, music and research/design activities
  • 2 printable math worksheets
  • Jingle Bells Quiz
  • Full page images to show your class
  • Lesson takes about 30-45 minutes (The music is 2-3 minutes long)
  • Activities take 15+ minutes to complete
  • Answer Key for worksheets & quiz
  • Pages: 21
  • Grades: K-6