Hanukkah, A Musical Lesson, Activities & Worksheets


Everyone loves a Hanukkah song, whether it’s a fun song for children, songs that tell the story of Hanukkah or songs that inspire us to dance. Hanukkah means “dedication.” This is a holiday of dedication in the Jewish culture.

This lesson will discusses the history of Hanukkah as well as the music, dance, colors, food and gifts of Hanukkah. Students will learn about the history of the dreidel and how to play the fun Hanukkah game as well as who Judah Maccabee was how he helped the Jewish people.


Lesson includes:

  • History of Hanukkah with pictures
  • Colors of Hanukkah
  • Music of Hanukkah – traditional, modern and Hanukkah playlists
  • Hanukkah Dance
  • Gifts of Hanukkah
  • History of the Dreidel and the Dreidel Song
  • Hanukkah Food
  • Hanukkah Reading List
  • Vocabulary list



  • Make a Dreidel
  • Play the Dreidel Game
  • Design, Build or Color a Menorah
  • Research Ideas
  • Dance – Learn to dance the Hora
  • Make a Hanukkah Classroom Book about the History of Hanukkah
  • Math – Dreidel Data
  • History Research
  • Host a Hanukkah Party for your class


Printable Worksheets

  • Hanukkah Worksheet – facts about Hanukkah
  • How to Play Dreidel
  • Make Your Own Dreidel
  • Dreidel Data
  • Color a Menorah
  • Design a Menorah Art
  • Knesset Menorah Research
  • Hanukkah Poem


There are many video and audio links, printable worksheets and class activities included in this packet. This is the perfect lesson and activity for a Hanukkah unit. The lesson could take a minimum of 30 minutes. Depending on the activity or activities you choose they could take up to several days to complete.