George Gershwin Bundle – Lesson, Activities, Worksheets & Poster Set


This fun and informative bundle will help to teach your students about the famous composer George Gershwin and some of his most famous compositions.

George Gershwin was a man of many talents. Not only was he an amazing musician, he also was great fine artist. In his short 37 years he was able to write music to 18 Broadway musicals, original scores for 5 films & movies and over 500 songs that are still popular today.

This lesson will delve into the history of George Gershwin – his life and accomplishments. Students will learn about Tin Pan Alley, the player piano, and where George Gershwin got his inspiration from. They will also be introduced to come of his musical compositions such as An American in Paris, I Got Rhythm, Porgy & Bess, Rhapsody in Blue, Swanee and more.


There are many video and audio links, printable worksheets, over 20 activities and pictures of George Gershwin and the people he worked with. This is the perfect lesson and activity for older elementary school children, junior high students, high school students and teachers as well as home schooling. Each video clip is between 2 minutes to 2.5 hours long. The lesson could take a minimum of 30 minutes. Depending on the activity or activities you choose they could take up to several days to complete.


Packet includes:

  • George Gershwin’s Life History with pictures
  • 18 slide PDF slideshow about Beethoven
  • History of the Pianola, aka the player piano, and how it works
  • Where George Gershwin got some his musical inspiration from
  • Vocabulary list
  • Audio and video links of some of Beethoven’s most famous compositions such as:
    • An American in Paris
    • I Got Rhythm
    • Porgy and Bess
    • Rhapsody in Blue
    • Swanee
  • Activities
    • Art
    • Writing – including a Haiku and a Limerick
    • Dance
    • Math activity
    • How to Host a “Rhapsody in Blue” Art Night
  • Printable Worksheets
    • George Gershwin Worksheet – facts about Gershwin’s life
    • Create a Flower
    • Rhapsody in Blue Poetry
    • Piano Roll Colors – a math & data collecting
    • My Self-Portrait



Included in the PDF:

  • Blue themed full color set
  • Rainbow themed full color set
  • Black and white set
  • Printable mini book or flashcard set


The George Gershwin Bulletin Board Poster Set includes the following:

  • Name, birth & death dates poster
  • Composer portrait poster
  • Composer stats poster
  • Facts poster
  • Family poster
  • Types of compositions poster
  • Famous music poster