Edmond Dédé Bundle – Lesson, Activities, Worksheets & Bulletin Board Poster Set


Edmond Dédé was a free-born Creole musician born in the 1820s. He lived in the United States, Mexico, Belgium and France. He loved the violin and studied under some of the great violinists. He composed many pieces of music including an opera and many orchestral numbers. He was a conductor for several theaters in France and travelled to the United States to give concerts in his later years.


This lesson will delve into the history of Edmond Dédé – his life and accomplishments. Students will learn about Edmond Dédé’s link to Google and his Cremona violin and more!!! This lesson is the perfect way to integrate music, history, dance, writing and art during Black History Month!


There are many video and audio links, printable worksheets, over 7 activities and pictures of Edmond Dédé, instruments he composed for and more. This is the perfect lesson and activity for elementary school children, junior high students, high school students and teachers as well as home schooling. There are activities for all ages. Each video clip is between 3 minutes to 9 minutes long. The lesson could take an 1 hour or longer. Depending on the activity or activities you choose they could take up to several days to complete.


Edmond Dédé Lesson includes:

  • Edmond Dédé’s Life History with pictures
  • Dédé’s link to Google Doodle
  • History of Cremona Violins including a video link to how a violin is made
  • Vocabulary list
  • Audio and video links of some of Dédé’s compositions
  • Activities
    • Musically Inspired Artwork
    • Google Doodle Inspired Art
    • Watercolor Violins
    • Dance
    • History – Make a Slide Show
    • Make Your Own Mirliton (Kazoo)
    • Write a Story Inspired by Dédé’s Music
  • Printable Worksheets
    • Edmond Dédé Worksheet
    • Watercolor Violin instructions and template
  • 10 Images of Edmond Dédé, instruments he composed for and more


Included in the Edmond Dédé Bulletin Board Poster Set PDF:

  • Multicolor watercolor themed full color set
  • Rainbow themed full color set
  • Black and white set


The Edmond Dédé Bulletin Board Poster Set includes the following:

  • Name, birth & death dates poster
  • Facts poster
  • Family poster
  • Types of compositions poster
  • Famous music poster
  • Composer portrait poster