Beethoven Slideshow


Many people have referred to Ludwig van Beethoven as a genius and with the amount of music he composed in his 57 years of life, he truly was magnificent! He composed over 722 works including 9 symphonies. However, beyond his name and the fact that he was a musician, what do your students know about this amazing man?

This slideshow will delve into the history of Beethoven – his life and accomplishments. Students will learn about piano duels, Beethoven’s symphonies, how Beethoven is linked to World War II and the Voyager Spacecraft, where Beethoven got his inspiration from and more!!!

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Slideshow includes:

  • Beethoven’s Life History with pictures
  • History of piano duels and Beethoven’s most famous piano duel
  • Where Beethoven got his musical inspiration from
  • Information on:
    • Symphony No 5 in C minor Op 67
      • It’s links to World War II
      • It’s link to outer space
    • Symphony No 9 in D minor Op 125
  • Beethoven’s 250th birthday celebration
  • Audio and video links of some of Beethoven’s most famous compositions