America The Beautiful Slide Show


“America, the Beautiful” is known and loved by many. This slide show will delve into the history of Katharine Lee Bates and she was inspired to write the poem as she traveled from Boston through the Hoosac Tunnel to the Niagara Falls, the Chicago’s World Fair across the plains of Kansas and then stood on top of Pike’s Peak. It will also give a brief history of Samuel Ward and why his music was a perfect fit to this poem.

***Want More? Get The Full America the Beautiful Lesson – including in depth information about Katharine Lee Bates, her life and poetry, information on The World’s Fair, Hoosac Tunnel and a short history of Samuel Augustus Ward, as well as more activities, printable worksheets & video links!***


19 page PDF slide show about Katharine Bates, Samuel Ward and “America, the Beautiful”

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