Practice Makes Perfect

practice makes perfect

One of the toughest concepts that you can teach a child — or anyone, for that matter, is that in order to do something well, you must put in the time.   Whether it be school, sports, work, hobbies, at some point you must work at it, either to finish or attain a goal or become more proficient.

As an eight-year-old, I longed for piano lessons.  I had watched my older brother hate the practicing process, therefore failing miserably at the endeavor.  When I was given the opportunity to take lessons, I was out to please my parents and my teacher.  So, I practiced and practiced and practiced.  At age 12 I was playing the piano for the children’s Sunday School at church.  At 14 I became the church organist.  I practiced!  Now at age 60-something, I am still sharing my musical abilities with grand kids, church and where ever else I’m needed.  I’m very glad that I put in the practice hours at an early age because after the initial hurdle of learning how to read music and translating that into “real music” on the piano,  I enjoyed and continue to enjoy making music.

Practice Makes Perfect by Rosemary Wells, is a great little story showing just that – practicing makes you better.  Any young child starting out on a musical adventure would benefit from reading this book.

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