Picture This! Part 1

Recently, I was asked by an elementary librarian to talk to a few classes about illustrating a book. Authors usually receive top honors, so this was a pleasant change. At first I wasn’t too excited about it but as I began to prepare, I became more and more enthused about my work. I dug through boxes and files and old sketch pads. It was fun to see my talent develop through the years. I was amazed at how much sketching I had done and saved.

I took two large sketch pads, a smaller sketch pad (all were mostly, if not totally full of sketches), copies of A Paper Hug, Operation: Celebration, and The Celiac Kid, as well as some of my first attempts at illustrating and then some bookmarks to giveaway. I needed two large bags to tote it all. I just hoped that the kids would be as excited for the experience as I was.

To be continued . . .

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