Parenting 000: Summer Reading

You just can’t read TOO much with a child!  Statistics show that during the 3 months of summer, children loose the momentum of learning unless they are stimulated to learn during those months.  Parents can make such a difference by reading to their children – more!

I took a “Read-a-loud” class when my children were young and we all reaped the benefit of the class.  One summer, I read James and the Giant Peach.  Then I read The Witches.  Both books kept the kids’ interest and they always wanted another chapter at the end of reading time.  We also talked about the words Roald Dahl used when he described things.  We could all “taste” peaches because of Dahl’s great use of words.

Now you can read the book to your children and then watch the movie and compare the two.  This is a great way to keep those brains working through the summer!

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