Parenting 000: Summer = Late?

Summer means “late.”  The sun is out late, we stay up late, we get up late, we are late to appointments, we roll in late to work, we have a late breakfast, lunch and dinner, projects are late all to be blamed on “summer.”

My dad was always up at the crack of dawn during the summer (any season for that matter) working in the garden in the cool of the morning.  He always said “the early bird catches the worm,” and how timeless are those words today!

This is a great habit to teach children – morning hours are golden.  Sleeping in only makes kids drag through the day.  Great parents set reasonable bed times and adhere to wake-up times.  Set schedules with your kids.  Let them help schedule the summer so they can own their choices.  Printed schedules are wonderful reminders of what everyone has helped plan.

Schedules and planning = happy children and parents!

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