Parenting 000: Summer Fun WITH Your Child!

As a child, I enjoyed laying in the grass on summer days and watching a ladybug crawl up one blade of grass and down another.  I loved watching a caterpillar go through metamorphosis and waking up one morning to find the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.  The skinned knees and elbows from skating were all a part of summer.

Unfortunately, today children are rushed from summer camp to soccer to swimming then tennis, then exhausted, they fall into bed only to do it again the next day!  One of the best gifts we can give our children is the ability and time to be a child.  Allow them time to watch a sunset over the backyard fence, plant and nurture a garden with Grandpa, or read a book at their own pace.

Childhood vanishes so quickly.  This summer as you plan and schedule, don’t over-book your child.  Help them manage their time, develop hobbies to fill free time, do things together — don’t pay someone else to watch them grow up!

What is Parenting 000?

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