Parenting 000: Did YOU Forget Your Child?!?!?

Approximately 62 children die each year because they were left in a car during the sweltering heat of summer.  The excuses are abhorring!

“My child fell asleep and I forgot he was there.”

“I had so much on mind that I ran into work forgetting to drop my child off at daycare.”

“I didn’t want to disturb her while she slept and I knew I’d only be a minute.”

“He was having such a fit that I left him in the car until he calmed down.”

Are any of these excuses worth the life of a child?  We all need to be more responsible.  We are the care-givers of children.  They depend on us to make good choices for them – they can’t do it on their own.

Let’s all be more vigilant this summer.  As you walk through a parking lot, keep your eyes open to cars parked with car seats.  Make sure they are empty.  If not and you see a child, CALL for help immediately!  NEVER HESITATE!!!  A child’s life is at stake!

What is Parenting 000?

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