Parenting 000: Dependability

Parenting 000: Dependability

Teaching dependability is difficult!  Even adults need help being more dependable.  However, it is a character trait that, if well developed, will make you a leader, a good friend and parent and carry you up the ladder of success.

When you say you will do something, DO IT!  But even better is to take a second to think and ask yourself: Can I do it?  Can I be there on time?  Do I really have the skills and time to do it?  If you can’t, be up front and say “No.”  I would rather have someone say they can’t rather than depend on them and they fail me.

Many people don’t realize the bind they put others in when they fail to do what they said they would do, not to mention how bad it makes them look.  The best volunteer, Mom, Dad, teenager and child are the ones you can count on to there, be on time, do what they said.

Give children responsibility and explain dependability.  Then, as an adult, teach by example.

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