Parenting 000: Back-To-School

Today is my 4th grandchild’s first day of kindergarten.  This is a BIG day for her and her family.  Mom has one less child at home which can be a plus or minus. Dad will be thinking about his little one all day at work and realize that she is growing up.  And . . . Grandma is thrilled at the huge door that just opened for her: learning, experimenting, independence, fear, socializing, anticipating, planning, getting along with all sorts of people – WOW!  All that just jumped in front of a little 5 year-old!

What are you doing to prepare your kids for this school year?  Physically, you just hit the stores for the clothes and school supplies.  Mental preparation is priceless.  As a parent, you are the mental “preparer,” the one who helps with schedules, teachers, the readiness to face the classroom.

Spend time talking to your child about the changes from summer life to school life.  Whether they are on their way to college or out the door to kindergarten, talk to them, plan with them, help them with fears and anxiousness, be their advocate – be the parent!

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