Parenting 000: Back to School Checklist

How is your school year going to start?  Will it be a “bumpy” year?

Things that you as a parent can do to help the school year begin and help ensure smooth sailing throughout the year are:

  • set bedtimes and do everything possible to adhere to that time
  • Plan school mornings: what needs to happen before you leave for school
  • attend Back-to-School night and learn school rules and calendar
  • meet with the teacher: know teacher expectations, class rules, supplies needed, money needed for field trips, lunch, etc., homework policy, etc.
  • Volunteer if possible – you will see first hand how your child experiences school
  • talk with your child about the school and classroom rules and expectations
  • set aside study time and a quiet place free from noise and electronics
  • designate a place for school supplies, backpacks, school books
  • designate a place for notes from school that need to be returned
  • take time to LISTEN to your child as they talk about school (Often times you can foresee problems they may be having and take care of them before the problem is overwhelming.)
  • keep in touch with your child’s teacher – teachers like to see parental interest in their child’s education!

What is Parenting 000?


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