Parenting 000: And the “Dumb Parent” Award Goes to . . .

Once again I watched a parent competing for the “Dumb Parent” award.  In order to keep the about 8 month-old child occupied, the parent handed the child a tube of lip gloss.  Within a minute the child had managed to break the tube open and the lip gloss was ALL over.  The child had been chewing on it and had a fair amount in her mouth.  She was spitting and crying and then vomiting.  WOW!!!

We are so concerned about toys, car seats, cribs, etc. meeting safety standards and yet we give children totally unsafe things to keep them occupied or quiet.  Perhaps parents should be required to tour a children’s emergency room and hear the horror stories of  “accidents” caused by careless parents – keys, pens, coins and other objects found in pockets and purses, all totally unsafe and inappropriate for children!!!

The parents left the house with their child with no thought of bringing a “just-in-case” bag with safe toys, extra diapers, water, perhaps a change of clothes, wipes, etc.  Thankfully, they brought their child!   Children need parents that have a head on their shoulders.  Children are not content to sit for an hour and listen to two adults visit over lunch!  They aren’t content to sit quietly in a meeting or waiting room without something to do – something safe to do!

Think about the child and their needs and safety!!!

What is Parenting 000?

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