Mrs. Claus Takes a Vacation

Mrs. Claus Takes a Vacation By Linas Alsenas

Mrs. Claus is jealous that Santa always gets to visit faraway places and she never gets to go.  So, this year she is taking her own vacation.  “I’ll be home for Christmas, don’t worry!” she says as she waves good-bye to Santa.  You can tell that Santa is a little lonely as he prepares for Christmas all by himself.  He wonders if Mrs. Claus is lonely, too.  Is she missing decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies or wrapping present?

Linas Alsenas writes about this great adventure of Mrs. Claus.  Will she be home in time?  Will Santa really miss her?  Children will love hearing about this vacation of Mrs. Claus and what will happen on Christmas Eve.  Great illustrations, too!

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