Mrs. Claus Explains It All

Mrs. Claus Explains It All by Elsbeth Claus and Christi Love Illustrated by David Wenzel

You know all those questions that you’d like to ask Mrs. Claus – young and old?  Well, Elsbeth Claus a.k.a. Christi Love has ALL the answers! Questions from all over the world are sent to Mrs. Claus and now she’s taken time to answer many of them.  From “are you worried about Santa’s weight?”  to what’s his favorite cookie, how do you get all the food way up there and, of course, where do all the elves come from, all are good questions.  Everyone will love reading the questions and answers not to mention enjoying the artistry of David Wenzel.  Full page color illustrations you will want to take time to see every detail.

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