Happy Veteran’s Day!

How do you celebrate Veteran’s Day? Most financial and government institutions cheer for a day off. Retail companies market all sorts of Veteran’s Day sales. Even restaurants offer discounts for veterans. Of course all of this is great but many people don’t really know what the “holiday” is about.

According to the dictionary, Veteran’s Day is “a U.S. Holiday honoring veterans of the armed forces, November 11, the anniversary of the armistice in World War I; formerly called Armistice Day.” Armistice is “a temporary cessation of hostilities by mutual agreement, a truce.” A veteran is defined as one who has “much experience.” A mother of 12 children is a veteran at child birth, a teacher of 30 years is a veteran at teaching, my grandmother was a veteran at cooking a spectacular pot roast and someone who has much experience in the armed forces is a veteran. We can honor anyone who is a veteran at something, but one who has fought for our freedoms as a country deserves a huge “Thank-you!”

My dad was one of 5 brothers who fought in WWII – all at the same time! Gratefully, they all returned home safely but never to be the same after seeing first hand, the atrocities of war. My own two sons saw the same horror of war years later as they served in Iraq.

These men and women deserve much more than a day off or a big sale, but as we enjoy this holiday or just move on to another day, I hope we can take a moment and thank a military veteran for the service they have given to help us enjoy the freedoms that we have!

Happy Veteran’s Day!


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