Clash of the Parents

Have you ever disagreed with how your spouse deals with your child?  Have you ever called them on it in front of your child?  Have you ever become quite irritated and angry at how your spouse is working with your child, in front of your child?  Have you ever stopped to think of what that is saying to the child – not to mention to your spouse?

Children need to feel and know that their parents are united, neither is above or beneath the other.  Demeaning a parent in front of a child takes away credibility of the parent and makes the other parent the “all-powerful one.”  If one parent is more lenient, a child will learn to play one against the other.

Neither parent is perfect and mistakes will be made and children are sure to see ALL your mistakes.  The more parents are united on disciplining, curfews, allowed activities, responsibilities, etc. the more a child can depend on parents to be consistent.  Children need to see parents disagree but they need to see you resolve your disagreements, too.  There will be times when discussions need to be done behind doors but resolutions must take place.  Parents need to have a united front!

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