{Kids Deployment Survival Kit} + Giveaway

We were so lucky to be a part of the Kids Deployment Survival Kit put together by In the Know Mom. The kit included Hugs to Go, Daddy Dolls, Boo Boo Bear’s Mission, A Very Long Time, Readeo, Paper Chair, Read more…

Our First Contest!

Junior *Gluten-Free* Chefs and us here at The Celiac Kid are holding a contest to give away a copy of our book. These are the guidelines:

Hug Your Kid Day Photo Entries

Hug Your Kid Day

July 19 is “Hug Your Kid Day!”  Because we are all about hugs we are asking you to join in the celebration.  First of all hug your kid!  Whether your kid is 2 months or 60, a hug speaks a Read more…