Beauty and the Beaks

Beauty and the Beaks by Mary Jane and Herm Auch

What would you do if you knew that you were the main event (dish) at a great Thanksgiving feast?  Lance, the biggest, fattest turkey has to figure out just ow he can escape his demise.  With the help of Beauty, who owns a beauty shop for hens – “The Chic Hen,” with the help of her assistant, Gladys, work all day to help Lance.  There was much to do to disguise Lance, who wasn’t really excited about the make-over.  But, it was better than being served on a platter.

Mary Jane and Herm Auch concocked a great tale about evading a horrible event.  The words are discriptive, even using “eggseptional” chicken vocabulary!  The illustrations are wonderful and definitely out of the ordinary!  This is a great book to enjoy with a child!

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