“The Giver,” A Great Read!

The Giver by Lois Lowry, is a great book to read to/with  grade-school children, but also a short, easy read for the rest of us.  It opens a door to talk about what it would be like to take all choices away, no pain, no regrets but at what cost.  Listening to kids express what they think it would be like to never feel love, peace, excitement, happiness, anticipation, is quite interesting and eye-opening.   Reading about the struggles that Jonas has as he learns that there are opposites in the “real” world.  Life is hard but satisfying.  How he handles this new knowledge is very satisfying for the reader.

The movie recently came out and as I watched it, I could definitely see that Lowry certainly had a hand in the process.  Read the book, then see the movie.  Both will be quite satisfying.

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