Picture This! Part 3

I got my first illustrating project in 2006 – A Paper Hug. I sketched out most of the illustrations in my large sketch book. I didn’t realize at the time how difficult it would be to scan those extra large images into my computer. Needless to say, on the next two books I used a smaller sketch book.

Once the pictures were scanned into the computer I used Photoshop to clean up and add color to the illustrations. This was probably harder than coming up with the drawings to begin with.

I showed the kids a bunch of my original sketches and talked about how I came up with the ideas and what happened when reviewers didn’t like the illustrations I came up with. We discussed why some images made it into the books and why others didn’t. The kids were really interested in that part of the process.

This was the proposed last page for A Paper Hug

I also showed them the different story boards I had for the books. A story board can be a large poster board, chalk or white board or a simple piece of paper. The book is laid out page by page with simple sketches for each page. Then I think about it for a day or two (if I have that kind of time).

Storyboard for Operation: Celebration


Page 1 of story board for The Celiac Kid


Page 2 of story board for The Celiac Kid


Story board for Untitled Candy Corn book – my current project!

This is a good time to collaborate with the author. Some authors have a lot of input into the illustrations and others allow the artist total liberty in creating the artwork. Thankfully, I work with an author who allows me complete liberty. However, it is interesting how sometimes as I read the text, I picture a boy as the main character while the author had a girl in mind. At that point we talk and come to an agreement.

To be continued . . .

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