Picture This! Part 2

Thirty sixth graders walked into the library for their designated time – some eager, some ready for trouble and some just following the crowd. “Does an illustrator always know what to draw?” After some discussion, the answer is, “No.”

I told the students that during high school my elective classes were music oriented. However, I just happened to take an Autocad class and stared to learn how to draw on the computer. I started dabbling in sketching and when my English teacher assigned us to write a children’s book, I totally over-achieved the assignment. Not only did I write the story, but I illustrated, laminated and spiral bound the book.

High School Ancestor Project

High School Monster Project

So on to college I earned a degree in design and continued to learn more about computer graphics and managed to throw in a few art classes. My sketch pad was almost another appendage. The students were enthralled at the sketches. Their two favorites were “The Chick” and “The Skull and Flames.”

The Chick
The Skull and Flames

Because these two sketches are very different from each other, I was able to tell the kids that you need to try different ideas and not get caught up in one subject or style. Experimenting with new ideas, styles, etc. expand your abilities and opportunities.

To be continued . . .

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