Parenting 000: Humans vs. Technology

I have a love-hate relationship with technology.  I love staying connected with family and friends, a quick text or email is faster than a phone call, I can get one message to several people at once and I can stay up on current news.  What I hate about technology is when it goes “down,” when people are together but in their separate tech world, when a text trumps everything including your attention and when your phone is an appendage to your body.

Children are being controlled by technology and we as adults/parents are teaching and allowing it.  It’s time we put technology in its place and put humans and human relationships first.  I love when families do not allow phones at the kitchen table.

Family and friend relationships are longer lasting and important than thousands of  “Facebook” friends! Enjoy “face time” with your loved ones.   Set that example for your kids!

What is Parenting 000?

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