Parenting 000: Get Ready… Get Set… SCHOOL!!!

Summer is a time to relax, vacation and basically enjoy the long days and great weather.  However, if those days turn your children into a “lazy” mode, the first weeks of school will be tough!  Some children begin school at the end of July or first of August.  Summer is still in full swing.  Others will begin the first of September as fall tumbles in.  Either way, helping your kids create good habits – even through the summer, will help as school starts.

  • Keep a regular bed time – with few exceptions
  • Keep a regular morning routine: wake up time, breakfast time, chores
  • Morning is a great time (and cool) to exercise.  If your child is more sedentary, help them find ways to exercise daily – it helps their brain and body!
  • Eat regularly, have easy to fix or grab healthy snacks
  • Read EVERY DAY!

Each of the above activities can be maintained throughout the summer and on vacations with slight alterations.  You will be happier and so will your children.  AND . . . school will begin smoothly.

What is Parenting 000?

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