Micheal and Hazel are in for a surprise when they woke up one morning!  They found a basket on the doorstep with the cutest puppy they’d ever seen.  But as they looked around their yard, they couldn’t believe the mess.  The plants and trees were all torn up.  Even the front step, porch and path were a shamble.  They wondered why but the cute puppy soon took all their attention.  Mom and Dad reluctantly let the puppy stay.  They named him Angel.  He was the easiest puppy to train!  He could do tricks, follow directions and never made a mess in the house.  Then one night when the moon was full, something very odd happened.  The kitchen was a total mess and Angel was missing!

The mystery to find out what happened and where their little puppy had gone becomes a surprising adventure.  Halloween night turns out to be quite a treat and huge surprise to the entire town!

The story by Alice Hoffman and Wolfe Martin is a cute mystery as well as heart warming.  Yumi Heo has creatively illustrated this Halloween story.  Enjoy it this season with a child!

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