Humiliation & Embarrassment

As parents, we don’t always see our actions and behaviors as others see them.  It is difficult to look outside ourselves.  However, just as words can never be taken back once said, neither can actions.

An eight-year-old was at a birthday party.  Parents were visiting as the party concluded.  There was a disagreement over a present and then yelling.  One mother saw her daughter involved and without hesitation, yelled at her to “get over here.”  The girl looked at her mother. She then blocked a punch aimed at another girl.  The mother jumped up, ran over, yanked her daughter away and spanked her while yelling at her calling her a trouble maker. (Clearly the mother didn’t see her daughter’s efforts to prevent a fight).

Oh, the damage we cause and create in those we love.  From the eyes of the other parents was seen an out of control parent who reacts first then tries to sort out afterwards.  From the children’s perspective was seen outright meanness by a parent. Who knows what kind of teasing tomorrow will bring for this little girl.

Disciplining in public is humiliating and embarrassing for both child and parent.  Oft times, parents don’t even realize how horrible they look.  It shows lack of control and most of all lack of parenting skills.  Children deserve better! Disciplining is important at the moment, however it should be done away from peering eyes. Always, always, find out the whole story and count to 10.  After all, would you like to have a friend or spouse yell at you because of something you said or did in public?  Do you deserve the humiliation and embarrassment?  THINK before you act!

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